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Wealth Management Services

Everyone has their own vision of happiness and dreams they hope of making come true. Maybe you dream of traveling the world, helping others, owning a successful business or taking care of your family for generations to come. A sound, directed financial plan can help make those dreams a reality. Our comprehensive approach brings all the pieces of your financial puzzle into a strategic plan based on your goals. We understand that it’s not enough to simply grow your wealth—your hard work must be sustained and your dreams protected.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Taxes can be a drag on your financial future—they are inevitable, but manageable. By leveraging our tax and financial advisory experience, we will help ensure your wealth management plan is operating in a tax-optimized manner. This includes making sure that you don’t pay a penny more in taxes than you should, and looking for ways to reduce current and future tax burdens. It’s your money and we want you to keep it.


Retirement should be a time of exploration, relaxation and fun—not financial worry. At R&R Wealth Management we know that no matter what your vision of the ideal retirement is, diligent and ongoing planning is necessary for it to live up to your expectations. We will help you make the most of your employer-sponsored plans, IRAs and other retirement vehicles to make sure your income is sustained during the time when you reward yourself for years of hard work. Go ahead and enjoy it—you’ve earned it.

Investment Planning

Many people find the investment planning process to be intimidating, and will often not review investment strategy as often as their lives change. R&R Wealth Management will continually determine your asset allocation and portfolio design needs to help you get the right mix of investments, insurance and overall forward-thinking. Your focus may be on the now, but we’ll help make sure you’re ready for the future, too.


Considering that education costs increase yearly, your children’s education – as well as your current and future lifestyles – depend on the wealth you build up now. We’ll help you put the financial foundation in place, whether it’s through a Coverdell Education Savings Account, 529 College Savings Plan, or a self-structured vehicle. We understand how important this part of your plan is to you.


Illness and injury can happen to anyone. In fact, a person has a one in four chance of becoming severely ill or disabled. If you’ve planned for this possibility, when was the last time you reviewed your plan and does it take into account recent life events? As life changes, so do your insurance needs and necessary strategies to protect your lifestyle and family members who are dependent on your income.

Income Protection

Asset and income protection include strategies to shield assets from illness, taxation, and frivolous claims from third parties. Successfully planning for these potential events cannot be overstated, considering the effect they can have on your overall plan.

Business Planning

Like you, we know that building a business is about more than creating an income source. It can also represent achievement, pride, fulfillment, and so much more. Let’s work together to make sure that you maximize its value and take care of the key people around you when it’s time for you to let go. With countless daily demands on your time, it can be hard to focus on saving for retirement and what happens after you retire. Whether it’s a buy-sell agreement between owners or an income preservation plan for your loved ones, R&R Wealth Management offers comprehensive support for complex business planning needs.

Debt Management

Living with debt may not only cause stress, but may also prevent you from living the life you want. R&R Wealth Management offers effective credit management advice and solutions to help you move past the debt you have and prepare for major purchases and unexpected costs in the future.

Estate Planning

Designing your estate plan and defining your legacy is one of the most difficult and emotional components of your wealth management plan. Successfully planning the transfer of your wealth to your loved ones or favorite charities is critical to fulfilling the promises you’ve made in your life. R&R Wealth Management will work to minimize income and estate taxes and help maximize the financial opportunities you provide to your chosen beneficiaries.

Special Situations

Any event that forces dramatic and sweeping changes, such as marriage, divorce, birth, serious illness, death or a large inheritance, is considered a special situation. These events can affect your estate plans and investment strategies. R&R Wealth Management will guide you through these situations to make sure you are prepared.

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