<strong>PURPOSEFUL PLANNING</strong>


Creating and maintaining retirement plans that attract and retain the best talent to your team has never been more important.  And, our team has the strength to make your employee offerings even stronger. 

Type of plans serviced include: Traditional 401(k), Safe Harbor 401(k), 403(b), Profit-Sharing, Cash Balance Plans and Simple IRA Plans.

CUSTOM RETIREMENT PLAN DESIGN     A properly designed plan should be tailored to meet your needs and those of your employees at an

                                                                         investment level that offers legitimate value.

WHITE GLOVE  SERVICE                             Implementing a retirement plan isn’t a transaction but rather the beginning of a relationship. 

                                                                        Enjoy an “R&R service experience” with your retirement plan provider.

EDUCATION & COMPLIANCE                    Your greatest protection against risk is a dedicated team that puts education into every meeting,

                                                                        whether it is with your employees, management team or board members.

Our Retirement Plan Specialists will provide an in-depth review of your company retirement plan as well as help correct some of the common issues:  corrective distributions, insufficient fidelity bond coverage, low participation, failure to transmit contributions and/or high fee’s imbedded within plan.

It never hurts to get a second opinion at no cost, especially when it comes to something as scrutinized as the 401(k) industry and knowing the Fiduciary Liability your company takes on with your 401(k) plan. 

*Advisor cannot provide product-specific investment to plan participants; only general asset allocation advice.

Annual Plan Review

  • Annual Face-to-Face Plan Review
  • IPS Review
  • Investment Monitoring Reports

Fiduciary Formalization

  • Fiduciary File Checklist and Maintenance
  • Compliance Oversight
  • Fund Menu Design

Provider Relationships

  • Plan Benchmarking Every 3 Years
  • Fee and Service Reviews
  • Provider Management and Oversight

Participant Engagement

  • Notice Preparation and Distribution
  • Participation Retirement Readiness Report
  • Group Employee Meeting w/Optional Individual Consultations

To Connect with a Retirement Plan Specialist:

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