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Professional Athlete Services

You’ve made it! You are a professional athlete. You find yourself today with success, a contract and significant, sudden income. Now what? You need a financial coach to help secure your future after your last play. You need R&R Wealth Management. Professional athletes earn what many Americans dream to earn in a lifetime over the course of just 2-5 years. With discipline, dedication and sound judgment, we will work together to help ensure your financial success works for you long after you have finished working to achieve it.

Tax-Optimized Wealth Management

You have probably heard the unsettling statistic that 60-70% of professional athletes are bankrupt within five years of retirement*. Budgeting, cash flow planning, personal investments, business planning and estate planning are just some of the issues you may be lost trying to figure out on your own. At R&R Wealth Management we will help you grow, manage and protect your wealth. With Terry’s combined knowledge as a CPA and financial advisor, he can help devise a plan with each element working in a tax-optimized manner. Let’s make sure the only statistic you become is one in the sports hall of fame!

Concierge Services

You’ve hit the big time and there are probably plenty of people who would like a piece of your success. With so many questions coming your way, you’ll want someone in your corner helping keep you steady through the storm of requests. Should you go buy the newest car or the biggest mansion? How much insurance do you need? Should you start a charitable foundation? With a solid plan in place, those questions will have clear answers.

*Source: Sports Illustrated, “Why & How Athletes Go Broke”

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