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<strong>PURPOSEFUL PLANNING</strong>


Education costs increase yearly.   Your children’s education – as well as your current and future lifestyle – depends on the wealth you build now.

We will help you put the financial foundation in place -whether it’s through a Coverdell Education Savings Account, 529 College Savings Plan, or a self-structured vehicle. We understand how important this part of your plan is to you.

“Trends in College Pricing 2019” as published by the CollegeBoard:

  • The median published tuition and fee price for full-time students attending public or private nonprofit four-year institutions in 2019-20 is $12,710.
  • Tuition and fees constitute 39% of the total budget for in-state students living on campus at public four-year institutions and 20% of the budget for public two-year college students who pay for off-campus housing.
  • Of 2015-16 bachelor’s degree (BA) recipients, 41% completed their degrees within four years of first enrolling in college; 59% finished within five years. For 16%, more than 10 years elapsed between starting college and completing a BA.

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